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Stem Cells: Revolutionizing Disease TreatmentOur Story: The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute

Unlike most stem cells, we carry out rigorous clinical research studies through our 501c3 nonprofit research foundation to evaluate the results of treatment and publish our results in PubMed-indexed medical journals.


Chronic PainPatient Testimonial - Chronic Pain

Mr. John Scoma, a stem cell recipient, shares his experience after undergoing stem cell treatment for his chronic pain.


Rheumatoid ArthritisPatient Testimonial - Rheumatoid Arthritis

In this compelling patient testimonial, we hear firsthand from Karen, an individual who underwent stem cell treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.


Shoulder ArthritisPatient Testimonial - Shoulder Arthritis

Mary offers insight into her experience following stem cell treatment for shoulder arthritis, serving as a patient testimonial.


Using the EllipticalUsing the Elliptical

Angelo Dizon, DPT demonstrates the proper technique for using the elliptical. This form is ideal for patients with patellar (frontal) knee pain but may be strenuous for those with advanced medial or lateral arthrosis. Read the elliptical workout handout here.


Stem Cell Talks

Dr. Diane Show PodcastDr. Diane Show Podcast

October 2021. Explore the safety and efficacy of this novel modality and what future developments are on the horizon for stem cell therapies with Dr. Chadwick Prodromos and Dr. Diane Hayden on the Dr. Diane Show.


National Hellenic Society Talks StoriesNational Hellenic Society Talks Stories

August 2021. Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon discusses the benefits of regenerative medicine, stem cells and the bright future and outlook for regenerative medicine advances.


Stem Cell Public LectureStem Cell Public Lecture

February 2021. Dr. Prodromos gave a public lecture in Naples, Florida at Tiburon Golf Club on stem cell FAQs and treatments.