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We provide safe highest quality stem cell infusions in our state of the art center in the beautiful Caribbean island nation of Antigua to improve health, decrease inflammation and potentially Increase lifespan - in combination with a comprehensive anti-aging program. To learn more please call us at 847-699-6810, and read on.

We obtain Stem cells from our partners at Vitro biopharma in Golden Colorado, a world leader in the production of cultured umbilical adult (not fetal or embryonic) mesenchymal stem cells. They supply cells for such universities as Harvard and Stanford and for FDA studies. They are flown into Antigua on liquid nitrogen expressly for our patients where they are infused intravenously under the direct supervision of Chadwick Prodromos MD. The entire treatment is painless and takes under an hour. In conjunction with our stem cell infusions we also provide a comprehensive anti-aging regimen described below, not found at other stem cell centers.

The field of anti-aging medicine has grown from theoretical practices to real bench proven methods, especially over the last 10 years in large part due to the work of Dr Steve Horvath, PhD, from UCLA, Dr. David Sinclair, PhD, from Harvard, and several others who are pioneering this exciting field.

Dr. Horvath has been able to determine our Biologic (vs actual Chronologic) age, via his Horvath Clock. This Epigenetic based clock uses changes in methylation on your DNA to determine how old you are on a cellular level. This has been quite revolutionary and also quite accurate and can predict someone’s age on blind specimen testing up to 6 months per Dr David Sinclair’s interview recently. Currently, this Horvath clock can be used to experiment in lab settings with blood samples (most accurate) to determine one’s approximate biologic age. Although this treatment is not yet generally accessible to the public, this technology has given significant insight into what anti-aging approaches actually work in these research labs.

Dr. David Sinclair, PhD, is a Genetics professor at Harvard and has made incredible leaps into the field of actual anti-aging in his rodent models. He has been able to use amazing molecules like NAD+ via it’s precursors NMN and NR to actually reverse the age of elderly mice. In fact, in one of his last papers, he was able to take an aged female infertile mouse and restore fertility. Dr Sinclair has also been able to double the lifespan of mice using certain molecules that improve the expression of the Sirtuin 1-7 genes, the genes that can actually make cells more youthful These molecules include NAD+, Resveratrol, Metformin, time restricted feeding, and Rapamycin. Dr Sinclair mentions several of these studies in his NY bestselling book, Lifespan.

We collaborate with functional medicine specialist Eduardo Maristany MD who is a leader in applying the work of Drs. Sinclair and Horvath, as well as that of other prominent physicians in the anti-aging space, with whom he collaborates. Dr Maristany consults individually with each patient to provide a customized optimal anti-aging regimen that also advanced genetic testing. This regimen amplifies the efficacy of the stem cell infusion.


We believe that our combination of highest quality mesenchymal stem cell injection in partnership with state of the art medical anti-aging treatment provide an optimal and unparalleled anti-aging treatment regimen. This program is only available at the Prodromos Stem Cell Institute.