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Our purpose is to provide cutting-edge safe effective stem cell treatment for the full spectrum of human disorders. There are many treatments that are proven safe and for which some degree of efficacy has been demonstrated, but which are not FDA-approved currently in the US. For this reason, we maintain two treatment sites outside of the US where patients may receive the benefit of these safe effective treatments. All treatments performed in the US are FDA-approved.

Dr. Prodromos is the founder and medical director of the PSCI. His goal is to bring scientific credibility and evidence-based medical decision-making to cutting-edge stem cell treatment. Many outstanding medical institutions in the United States and Europe are prevented from offering the best available stem cell treatments due to regulatory overreach. In many cases, these treatments perform better than established pharmacologic treatments. Without pharmacologic financial backing, the required studies to obtain regulatory permission often cannot be done, or result in many years of delay during which these treatments cannot be used – resulting in unnecessary human suffering. As a result, many clinics offshore and in Asia have been established to meet the demand for these treatments.

When performing this type of cutting-edge treatment it is important to constantly review and then use the latest scientific evidence to determine what treatment, if any, is indicated; to provide patients with scientific, not exaggerated, likelihoods of success, and to follow up all patients treated in a validated database to constantly update results of treatment. Accomplishing this is both expensive and time-consuming, but with his three decades in academic medicine, and his proven record of scientific medical accomplishment, Dr. Prodromos has the expertise to carry this out and the will to do so: utilizing his non-profit 501c3 Foundation for Orthopaedics and Regenerative Medicine. It is at the heart of the PSCI mission: cutting-edge treatment based on sound evidence-based medical science. It is why our logo says "credibility through research".