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Over the course of last year, I worked with Dr. Prodromos and his colleague to help me with a severe autoimmune disease called Scleroderma. Scleroderma causes the body to produce too much collagen which in turn hardens your skin and internal organs in some cases. I experience both.

Before my first treatment, my skin on my face was tight and I was unable to smile on one side of my face. I had difficulty breathing to the point I had to rest when I walked up a flight of stairs, had difficulty walking up my driveway after retrieving the mail, was in constant muscle and joint pain, my hands would swell and look like sausages, and my esophagus became so tight I had difficulty eating and became nauseated when I did, and just lacked energy.

I used to ride my bike and enjoy cycling trips, loved hiking, and snow skiing. All of that was impossible. I kept trying to push myself to exercise, and the following day I would have a flare which left me in bed most of the day. Depression set in as I tried to adjust to my new life.

I became acquainted with Dr. Prodromos after reading Tony Robbins book, Life Force. I met with him and his. colleague via zoom. They did not promise a cure, but I felt hope. After much research and prayer, I decided it was best to get the treatments.

After the first treatment, I found I had more energy. I noticed the pain had subsided in the mornings when I first get out of bed. Normally it would take about 20 minutes of walking before I could walk at a normal pace, but now I had no lag. Improvements continued to happen after each treatment. After the fifth treatment, I had little pain, I was able to hike up a 2,000-elevation gain in Colorado at 8,000 feet! I was able to digest food better and started to gain some of my weight back. Also, my skin softened on my face and I was able to have a full smile. I feel like I got most of my life back.

I still have some issues but with a diet of eliminating sugar and dairy, I can almost have a normal life again. I am so grateful for these doctors who are offering these treatments, and it was worth every penny I spent. At the last infusion, a doctor was the patient in the next chair to me. If a doctor seeks treatment there, I sure felt like I was in good company and safe.

-Cindy Baldwin, Raleigh, NC