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Raynaud's Syndrome


I’ve had Raynaud’s disease for at least 10 years, and over the last 2 years it seems to have worsened, since Covid, to the point that my hands and fingers would turn bright red especially if I was in meetings at work (almost daily), in the sun, or with any amount of histamine (wine, champagne, kombucha, etc.). In addition, in cold weather my hands and feet would turn dark red or blue (living in Florida, even walking into a cooler A/C building could set it off, and symptoms were especially painful on vacation in colder climates). Not only in the colder conditions, but extreme hot weather (and I live in SW Florida!) would also set it off.

In warm weather, my hands were embarrassingly red and I had to hide them in photos. In cold weather or cold rooms, my hands were constantly numb and painful at baseline due to lack of blood flow. I had tried several supplements, and nothing really helped.

I also had a 1:80 ANA (autoimmune antibody) for years.

I received the stem cell treatment about five months ago, in February 2023. Since the stem cell infusion in Monterrey, Mexico with Dr. Prodromos and his excellent team, my Raynaud’s is nearly 80% better. Every so often, I still experience symptoms, but reactions occur one or two times per week, versus five times a week prior to stem cells.

Also, my ANA + is now zero…I have no more autoimmune antibodies!!!

Additionally, as a side note, my nails are growing very healthy and long and haven’t done this in years! I also experienced thickened hair after stem cells (from post covid hair loss).

The stem cells are little miracle workers :) 


-Sara P., Naples, FL