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Dr.Tim Royer PhD works with the Prodromos Stem Cell Institute to help stem cell patients learn more about their sleep patterns and their neurological response to stem cell treatment. An EEG (a test to measure brain waves) may be scheduled at the time treatment in Antigua. It is painless, takes 30 minutes and provides valuable objective insights into the function of your brain. Then one month after treatment arrangements are made for a follow up EEG to see how stem cell treatment has affected your brain. This is done at your home with a portable machine that is sent to you. Dr Royer also provides a consultation and is available to work with you long term, as he does with numerous NFL and other athletes. He is the world leader in this area and we strongly recommend his services. When patients schedule stem cell treatment, the EEG may also be scheduled.


Dr. Royer is a neuropsychologist specializing in training the brain through neurofeedback and HRV training. Dr. Royer is the owner and founder of Royer Neuroscience. Through his 25 years of experience, Dr. Royer has read over 50,000 brains. Dr. Royer is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but sees patients from around the world to help with their symptoms of ADD, ADHD, insomnia, and much more. He also works with professional athletes, and business magnets to help them achieve peak performance. Dr. Royer helps people from all walks of life realize their full cognitive potential.

Dr. Royer is a believer in the power of the brain. For 25 years he has been working tirelessly to improve the brains of his clients and impact their quality of life. He combines cutting edge technology with proven principles and tools to produce the highest quality of expertise in brain optimization. His specialized training in neuropsychological testing/assessment allows him to provide individualized training recommendations for optimal performance. He is double board certified in neurofeedback and heart rate variability, providing him the means to produce brain balance. His experience with over 50 thousand brains confirms that the brain is our most valuable commodity and the more we know about it, the better we can maximize it throughout our lifespan. His passion for individualized client education drives his own practice, where he spends as much time educating his clients as he does performing treatment. Dr. Royer is committed to educating people about their brain and is recognized for his ability to break down the science into digestible morsels for any audience.


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