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Back Pain

Simple stem cell epidural, facet and sometimes disc injection, combined with intravenous infusion, is safe, and has shown efficacy in 93% of our treated patients with back and neck pain. There have been no adverse events outside of expected transient post treatment discomfort. The spine injections are carried out by world renowned anesthesiologist and pain specialist Ken Candido MD in a state of the art facility using fluoroscopic guidance. We have pioneered a protocol using only epidural injection without disk injection in most patients. In the hands of Dr. Candido the epidural injection usually takes under 5 minutes, using only local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. A single lumbar epidural injection is also consistently effective in helping ameliorate neck pain. The treatment is extremely safe with no reported serious adverse events. This treatment is effective at avoiding surgery and after failed prior spine surgery.

TREATMENT PLAN Patients arrive the day before treatment and leave the day after, 2 nights total in Antigua. The resort at Hodges Bay where all patients and Dr. Prodromos stays has a nurse on premises 24 hours/day, equipment for icing, walking assists as needed, a butler to assist and a concierge for logistics.