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Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

85% of our ASD patients have responded to simple intra-venous mesenchymal stem cell infusion with meaningful improvement in calmness, sleep, and/or verbalization. Efficacy usually lasts at least one year and with additive effects after subsequent treatments. There have been no side effects of treatment. The age range of patients treated so far is 4 to 27 years of age.

McKenna Family Testimonial Dr. Prodromos

Dear Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, 

I am writing to express my family's profound gratitude for the stem cell services you provided to our son Teddie in June 2023. Your understanding and compassionate approach made a significant difference in our lives. 

Teddie, who is on the Autism spectrum and also has ADHD, has shown remarkable improvements since the treatment. While we were initially concerned, given the mixed stories of stem cell therapy, choosing your service has in our opinion been the right decision. 

Post-treatment, Teddie became more alert and began to demonstrate new behaviours, such as posing for photographs and using novel word combinations. Over the following months, we've observed notable advancements, such as an increased dietary variety, responsiveness in school, and enhanced motor skills, among others. 

While we understand these improvements are not a cure for autism and that Teddie maintains many autistic traits, we feel hopeful that the treatment has provided him with the best opportunity for development. 

We recognise that such progress may have occurred naturally; however, the regression Teddie experienced prior to treatment was concerning. It is our sincere belief that the stem cell therapy played a pivotal role in his recent strides. 

We are immensely grateful for your team's efforts and would be willing to share our experience with other parents considering stem cell treatment for autism. 

Please feel free to provide our contact details to interested parties.

With warm regards, 

Gary McKenna
Liverpool, UK