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AJ Ginnis - Pro Ski Champion: Knee Treatment

AJ Ginnis:

  • 8 year member of the US Ski Team 2012 - 2019
  • 2 year member of Greek Ski Team 2020 - 2022
  • 2x US National Champion 2017 & 2019
  • World Pro Ski Tour Champion 2018 & 2019
  • Junior World Championships Bronze Medalist
  • US Junior Skier of the Year 2015
  • FIS World Cup Athlete 2014 - 2022
  • Team USA World Championship Team 2015, 2017
  • Team Greece World Championship Team 2021

AJ Ginnis Describes His Knee Three Months After Stem Cell Treatment Compared to Before:

"Throughout my career as a ski racer I've been fortunate enough to compete in the sport's biggest stages. Although I’ve experienced my share of success, I’ve also experienced my fair share of injuries - 5 surgeries on my left knee, including two torn ACLs, torn menisci, and a torn MCL, and one torn ACL in my right knee which occurred prior to this year’s (2022) Olympics. Injuries are part of the sport and I’m very fortunate to have met some amazing doctors along the way who have taken care of me and allowed me to keep pursuing my dreams through the wonders of modern medicine. Most recently I received Dr. Prodromos’ stem cell treatment in Antigua and I must say it’s done wonders to my left knee. My left knee used to need constant 24/7 attention - ice after big lifts and long days on the hill, was always in need of a compression sleeves especially on long travel days, and would constantly crack when I would bend it. Since the injections I’ve seen great improvements on a day to day basis. The cracking has subsided to a point where I don’t really notice it anymore, my knee does not require the sort of attention it required six months ago after training sessions, and long travel days aren’t a bother anymore. As I’m gearing up for the upcoming season I’d like to thank Dr. Prodromos for taking care of me and making my knee “somewhat” normal again."

AJ Ginnis Testimonial

One Year Later, He Achieved Greece's First Medal in an International Event and Wrote to Thank Dr. Prodromos:

AJ Ginnis Testimonial