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  • Could Stem Cell Infusion Be the Cure for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects an estimated 8–13% of reproductive-aged women. Up to 70% of affected women remain undiagnosed worldwide. PCOS is the most common cause of anovulation, a leading cause of infertility, and can produce many troubling symptoms.

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  • Stem Cell Treatment Results in Nearly Complete Remission of Severe Scleroderma Patient

    Scleroderma is one of the most horrible autoimmune diseases. There is no effective treatment. However, we can consistently eradicate or at least greatly reduce symptoms consistently with our T cell vaccine. Please read the following testimonial from a treated patient in her own words.

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  • We Report the First Regrowth of Human Cartilage in Patients by Anyone Anywhere

    Regrowing human cartilage has always been the holy grail of arthritis treatment. While we have great success treating arthritis using stem cells to help heal damaged cartilage and decrease inflammation avoiding joint replacement in most treated patients, our treatment did not entail growing new cartilage until now. In a technique developed by Gustavo Moviglia MD PhD with whom we partner, new cartilage has been able to be grown and result in sustained clinical benefit in human patients.

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  • Tony Robbins Recognizes Our Work in His New Book Life Force

    Tony Robbins wrote the excellent book featured above about advances in regenerative medicine. He is a believer in stem cell treatment and set out to evaluate various mesenchymal (not embryonic or fetal) stem cell treatment centers, including ours in Antigua.

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  • Stem Cell Treatment: Effective for Long (Post) COVID-19 and Acute COVID-19

    Recently, research on stem cell therapy has revealed the possibilities for mesenchymal stem cells to help heal and improve side effects of COVID-19, including post-acute COVID-19 syndrome. In the following article discuss is stem cell therapy a COVID-19 treatment option. 

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